Announcement of rules for the International Art Photo Contest "Hanoi as Pride"

In implementation of the direction of the Hanoi City People's Committee on strengthening the propaganda and promotion of the history, culture and people of Hanoi as a Heroic Capital and a City for Peace; honoring its thousand years of civilization;

Pursuant to the Official Letter No. 3897 / UBND-KGVX dated 23/8/2018 of the City People's Committee on the organization of the international art contest "Hanoi as Pride" to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of the Capital; the Department of Culture and Sports of Hanoi announces the official rules for the contest as follows:    


1. Rationale

This photo contest is designed to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of Hanoi (10/10/1954 - 10/10/2019). Works exhibited and winning awards are expected to honor the beauty of Hanoi’s daily life; and to give domestic and international tourists a panoramic view of the City's history, culture and people.

The contest will create favorable conditions for photographers, both professional and non-professional, to showcase their talent and perspectives, and to exchange and share experiences, thus contributing to the enrichment of the City's photo archives.

2. Requirements

Entries must meet the requirements for propaganda on the political tasks, and external affairs of Hanoi, as well as promotion of it at home and abroad.

Entries must have good content and great artistry, be genuine, full of emotions, and capable of leaving good impression of the present-day Hanoi on audiences. They should also highlight the beauties of its citizens, landscapes, history and culture and contributing to the preservation and development of a thousand year- old cultural values.


Steering Organization: People's Committee of Hanoi

Organizing Board: Department of Culture and Sports of Hanoi

Executive Unit: Center for Information and Exhibition

1.Topic: "Hanoi as Pride"


Containing the message of "Thang Long - Hanoi with a thousand years of culture", "Hanoi – a Heroic City", " Hanoi – a City for Peace", "Hanoi’s integration and development", and "A green, clean, and beautiful Hanoi".

Capturing the beautiful moments of "elegant and civilized Hanoians".

3. Schedule and venue

  • October 2018: launch of the contest at the Department of Culture and Sports, 47 Hang Dau, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • From November 15th 2018 to 23:59 p.m on June 6th 2019: reception of entries via websites: or
  • July 2019: the jury’s undertaking.
  • August-September 2019: review and approval by competent authorities.
  • From 01 to 10 October 2019: announcement of results, award presentation and display at the Ly Thai To Monument Area, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

4. Entrant

The contest is open to individuals and organizations in Vietnam and abroad; professional, and non-professional photographers; Vietnamese citizens, overseas Vietnamese and foreigners living, studying or working in Vietnam.

Members of the Organizing Board, jury, secretariat and technical sections are not allowed to become entrants. Each of them, however, is allowed to send 01 award-winning entrant of high quality and suitable with the theme of the contest for exhibition.

5. Entry

The entries should be created during the đổi mới period (since 1986 until now). The entries created during the adjustment of administrative border of the Capital under Resolution 15/2008/QH12 dated 29 May 2008 of the 12th National Assembly are encouraged.

Single photos or portfolios: taken in Hanoi area, and can be either color or black and white.

Single photo: Each photo is an entry; the number of entries per entrant should not exceed 8.

Portfolios: Each portfolio is an entry that can include from 05 to 08 photos, all must be numbered. Each entrant is allowed to have 2 entries as maximum.

In case an entry includes both single photos and portfolios, the photos must be separate works.

An introduction of the entry (maximum of 150 words) is advisable.

Entries that have won awards or exhibited at other competitions are acceptable.

Photographic entries must be in digital format (.jpg), with a resolution of 300dpi, and size from 3 - 10 Mb. Captions and the name of the author or symbols and borders are not allowed in the file. Otherwise they will be disqualified without notice. Entry files can be sent to or

Post-processing and calibration of light and color are allowed. The entrant is also allowed to cut or delete small details on the ordinary entry or the entry incorporated other images to increase its resolution in the panorama category, or do technical processing by devices or by software in HDR picture category. Entries of this kind, which are processed with techniques other than the aforesaid ones, are not eligible for the contest.

Entrants must observe all the stated rules and use only one name and one address per person. In case an entrant uses his/her alias, it must be provided together with his/her real name as in his/her identification card and shall be responsible for the copyright of the entry. Entries and entrants that violate the rules will be disqualified by the Organizing Board without notice.

The Organizing Board is not responsible for ineligible entries or entries under disputes on copyright and related rights.

Entries that violate these Rules or the Vietnamese code of ethics, or are fraudulent or copied in any form, will be disqualified from the contest without notice.

The Organizing Board is not responsible for entries lost or with reduced quality due to their shipment to the contest.

The Organizing Board is entitled to consider and make appropriate decisions on any problems that may arise outside of these Rules before, during or after the contest.

Contest winners are responsible for paying their personal income tax and other taxes and fees in accordance with the current regulations of the host country.

6. Mode of selecting entries

Round 1: Selection of entries for display will be done online, through the website of the Organizing Board.

Round 2: The Organizing Board will print out selected entries from submitted original files for judgment.

7. Provisions on copyright and intellectual property for prize-winning entries

The Organizing Board has the full authority to use selected entries and prize-winning entries for information, communication and exhibition; as well as for events as part of the political, economic, cultural and social tasks of Hanoi, tourism promotion at home and abroad, and other non-commercial activities without paying royalties.

The Organizing Board is not allowed to provide works of entrants to a third party without their consent.

8. Implementation

- These rules shall be effective from the date of announcement. Any amendments or supplements to them may be made only upon the Organizing Board's written notice.


1. Certificate of Honours with prize money will be presented by the Organizing Board as follows:

+ 01 first prize worth VND30.000.000 (Thirty million Vietnamese dong)

+ 02 second prizes, each worth VND20.000.000 (Twenty million Vietnamese dong)

+ 03 third prizes, each worth VND15.000.000 (Fifteen million Vietnamese dong)

+ Consolation prize, each worth VND5.000.000 (Five million Vietnamese dong)

The Organizing Board intends to select between 150 and 180 entries for exhibition. Exhibited works will be given a royalty of VND1.000.000 (One million Vietnamese dong) on each. The Organizing Board will notify the recipient of the time, venue and procedures for dealing with the royalty. 

Payment of prize money: in cash or via bank transfer.

In addition to the official award, the Organizing Board will mobilize contributions from sponsors, and if there is any, it will notify the entrants thereof.

2. The Organizing Board will present certificates of honours and prizes to winners. In case of the winner’s absence, the money will be sent by bank transfer or by proxies (with personal income tax and other taxes and fees deducted according to the current regulations of the host country).

3. Award presentation will be announced by the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports to entrants.


The contest judging panel consists of professional photo artists and famous cultural and artistic managers of high responsibility and expertise.


Organizing Board of the International Art Photo Contest "Hanoi as Pride"

Hanoi Center for Information and Exhibition

Address: 93 Dinh Tien Hoang - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi.

Tel: 024.39361197 (office hours)


The Organizing Board looks forward to enthusiastic response from professional and non-professional photographers, and all those who love Hanoi; and to cooperation and coordination of related departments and agencies to  make the contest a success.


Statistics: 499 entrants, 55 Countries and 2613 photos